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MPP Jama gives impassioned inaugural speech pledging to prioritize caring communities

Published on April 6, 2023

QUEEN’S PARK – MPP Sarah Jama (Hamilton Centre) gave her inaugural speech today in Legislature and outlined a priority for her term – the creation and maintenance of caring communities where barriers to access are continuously broken down.

“I am here today because of what is at stake under the leadership of the Ford Government. It is not normal that people can’t afford their medications,” said Jama. “It is not normal that disabled people are warehoused in long term care or are overrepresented in our prison systems. It is not normal that people can’t afford places to live, and then get in trouble for having nowhere to live.

"My election opened a new door for people in this province who may not see themselves represented here - I am here to make sure that door stays open.”

Jama spoke about her commitment to disability advocacy, poverty reduction efforts, and ensuring that everyone in Ontario has access to support and care.

“My goal as an elected official is to take care of people in my riding by improving their material conditions as best I can,” said Jama. “I will work hard to bring to light the issues that impact working class people in my community and help form government in 2026 under the leadership of Marit Stiles.”

Jama thanked her Mother, friends, supporters, and community leaders who have supported her throughout her community work and efforts to come to Queen’s Park.

“I represent Hamilton Centre, a riding within a working-class city, with strong labour roots, filled with caring community members who support one another when times get tough,” said Jama. “Through the years, my friends and I have organized to make sure that this care has been felt. That work and advocacy will continue at Queen’s Park, because I know that people deserve better in this province.”