Lise Vaugeois MPP, Thunder Bay–Superior North

Government of Ontario

NDP: Ford can reverse the devastating impacts of Bill 124 by immediately rescinding appeal

Published on January 9, 2023

QUEEN’S PARK – The Ford government has known all along that Bill 124 contributed to the health care staffing crisis in Ontario, Global News reporting of internal Ford documents revealed today. France Gélinas, NDP health critic and MPP for Nickel Belt, issued the following statement:

“For years, the Ford government has refused to admit that their anti-worker, wage-capping Bill 124 has intensified a staffing crisis in our hospitals, as disrespected and exhausted health care workers have left the profession in droves.

It’s now clear that Ford and Jones have always known that Bill 124 was contributing to the staffing crisis in our hospitals. They knew Bill 124 was causing overworked and underpaid health care workers to leave their positions. They just didn’t care.

This is a further slap in the face from a government that has repeatedly shown disregard for Ontario’s incredible health care workers.

Ford must take immediate action to rescind his costly and callous appeal of the ruling on Bill 124.

The Ontario NDP are committed to ensuring that workers rights are always respected at Queen’s Park and we will continue to advocate for policies that begin to reverse the damage of Bill 124.”