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Government of Ontario

NDP: Ford has betrayed the families of children with autism

Published on February 22, 2023

Monique Taylor (Hamilton Mountain), NDP critic for Children, Community and Social Services, issued a message of support to the families who are fleeing Ontario to access autism services in other provinces:

“For years, parents have been raising their voices and fighting their hardest to ensure their children with autism have the funding and support they need to live a good life.

At every turn, the Ford government has proved incapable or unwilling to provide the resources that these families and their children deserve.

After years of advocacy, years of broken promises from the Ford government, parents are exhausted. It breaks my heart to know people are being forced to leave their homes and communities because the Ford government has let them down so badly.

To the families who are struggling I say – you are right to be angry. It is valid to feel broken. In the face of this government’s neglect, know that I will never stop fighting on your behalf, and I am determined that better days with a more caring government are coming. The Ontario NDP is in your corner, and we will not be backing down”.