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NDP MPPs call for stronger protections for condo residents

Published on February 27, 2023

QUEEN’S PARK – In response to the Auditor General’s report on condos revealing poor regulation and oversight in the sector, NDP MPPs Jessica Bell (University-Rosedale) and Tom Rakocevic (Humber River-Black Creek) called for stronger protections for residents during Question Period Monday.

“More and more people are living in, or moving to condos. The quality of life for residents depends on how well condos are built and maintained,” said Bell.

In December, the Auditor General’s report on condominium oversight concluded that the $300 billion sector is poorly regulated, with inadequate regulation and oversight over developers, condo property managers and condo boards. It also found that residents are often left deserted when problems in the condo arise.

In Bell’s riding, two owners of a new built condo at 1 Yorkville are already facing a host of problems, including faulty equipment causing false fire alarms, and amenities promised by developers but not delivered.

“Kerrie and her husband have complained to their property manager and the condo board, but they continue to live in a home that isn’t what was promised to them,” said Bell.

“Residents deserve to have their complaints dealt with quickly and in a fair and affordable way. They deserve to live in peace that if something goes wrong with their unit and building, help will be there for them,” said Rakocevic.

Bell and Rakocevic called on the government to turn all the recommendations in the Auditor General’s report into law so that condo residents can live peacefully in safe and well-maintained homes.