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Ontario’s New Democrats already preparing for 2026 provincial election

Published on March 26, 2023

ETOBICOKE - Ontario NDP Provincial Council delegates received the final report from the Campaign Review Committee on Saturday, outlining key recommendations as the Party begins to prepare for the 2026 provincial election. The Party undergoes a formal review following each provincial election campaign.

“Millions of Ontarians cast their ballots for the NDP’s hopeful vision for Ontario in the 2022 election,” said Janelle Brady, the President of the Ontario NDP and a co-chair of the Campaign Review Committee. “But our job was to win, and the campaign fell short. We need to learn, adapt and grow to be ready for the next election because Ontarians are counting on us.”

The Committee consulted extensively with more than 400 people including MPPs, candidates, campaign managers, staff, and activists over many months to author its report. The report highlights what worked well during the campaign, and areas for improvement, including:

  • Building even stronger riding associations right across the province
  • Strengthening the Party’s founding relationship with labour unions
  • Refocusing on effective local community engagement
  • Improving organising capacity by getting a field team in place earlier
  • Harness technology to give volunteers more tools they need to reach voters

“One of the biggest findings was that the last campaign didn’t connect enough with our grassroots - the people power that New Democrats are known for,” said Brady.

During her leadership campaign, Marit Stiles committed to growing the party by organising in every corner of Ontario.

“By learning from the last campaign, and with the renewed energy and fresh ideas of our new leader, I know we are ready to win more for Ontarians now, and in 2026.”

“There’s never been a more exciting time to be a New Democrat.”